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Technical parameters:

1)      Material: low carbon steel

2)      Mechanical properties: σB≤520mpa; σS≤340mpa

3)      Coil ID: φ650φ760mm

4)      Coil OD: φ1200φ1800mm

5)      Coil weight: ≤20 tons

6)      Width: 4501020mm

7)      Installed capacity: approx. 1600KW

8)      Compressed air capacity: 3m3/min    47Kg/cm2

9)      Water consumption: 50tons/hr

10)  Water consumption for HF: 80tons/hr

11)  Workshop: height(7M min)(from crane to floor) x width(20M) x length(150-200M).


Finished product information:

1)      Round pipe: φ165 φ325mm

2)      Square pipe: 150×150 - 250×250mm

3)      Rectangular pipe: 100×200 - 200×300mm

4)      Wall thickness: 4 – 8mm(round pipe); 46.5mm (square, rectangular pipe)


Production flow:

uncoiling → pinch & straightening → cutting and welding → accumulator →forming, HF welding, deburring, cooling, sizing, straightening → STD flying saw → chamfering →checking and collecting →packing→weighing→marking→storage

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